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A home equity conversion mortgage, or HECM, commonly called a reverse mortgage loan, can prove to be a windfall for seniors who have equity in their home. With this type of mortgage, borrowers can extract equity, spend the money almost any way they want, never make a.

News Investors Claiming EB-5 Visa Fraud Fight With Centennial Bank to Get Money Back Investors who say they were duped into sinking $10 million into an office project now are fighting Centennial.

What Happens at a Trustee’s Sale of a Home? By: Sherrie Scott. The trustee facilitates the foreclosure process on behalf of the lender or mortgage company. A trustee sale typically marks the end of the foreclosure process.. The winning bidder can take immediate possession of the property. If the previous owner or rental tenants are.

FIGHT THE BANK 1-800-270-2928 or1-858-717-1660 Defense of Mortgage Foreclosure Actions to Give Homeowner Time to Obtain 2 Benefits 2013 Homeowners when threatened with the loss of their homes through foreclosure proceedings usually have meritorious defenses, monetary offsets or reductions in liability and/or counterclaims based on improper or illegal conduct of the lender, mortgage broker.

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The 25 Most connected mortgage professionals DocMagic’s Steve Ribultan Named "25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals" DocMagic’s Steve Ribultan Named "25 Most Connected Mortgage Professionals" Posted by DocMagic on 08/13/2012 Tweet; Congratulations to our very own, Steve Ribultan, on being named "The 25 Most Connected Mortgage.

Consider another example: In a tax sale, a local government or "taxing body" sells a property in order to collect unpaid taxes. Through a quitclaim deed, the government conveys to the tax-sale buyer the interest it gained in the property under state tax foreclosure laws, and no more. Such a deed notifies the buyer that title might be clouded.

How Swarm the Banks works. Update – November 24, 2010 – With the growth of this website I am hoping that sharing important foreclosure information and ideas will help educate interested homeowners as to the kind of legal activities they can take in regards to their HAMP and Parallel Foreclosure experience.

Home equity theft reporter, The foreclosing parties frequently do not possess. still in your home and fighting or wrongfully/illegally foreclosed to read what is here and.. MERS wins two favorable rulings, court sanctions foreclosure attorney.. miami herald, Kunzelmann's suit says Wells Fargo received the same 11.