Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress?

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John B. Kimble for Congress John B. Kimble is a candidate for Maryland’s 6th Congressional district. He has quickly become one of my favorite neo-nazis, although he goes by a different label: Republican.

“Right now we have too many men and too many attorneys and we need to diversify that.” If even one of them wins, it will be historic: Nearly all of the 49 doctors elected to Congress in the..

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~ critics = Congress is too representative – incapable of taking decisive action to deal with difficult problems; committees worry only about their topic/issues ~ one reason why gov spends too much = Congress is protecting the interests of too many people – each interests tries to preserve the status quo = Congress cannot enact bold reforms

LOSE YOUR HEAD - Inspired by War Pigs - Black Sabbath | Don Caron Nevertheless, pay impacts the quality of candidates for congress, too. If we paid them more we’d get better candidates for the job. Maybe you think the difference is insignificant enough that it’s better to spend that money elsewhere, but it definitely has some impact on the talent pool. The people who are "in office for years no matter what.

The Most Important New Woman in Congress Is Not Who You Think Bold progressives are getting the attention, but the democratic party owes control of the House to moderates like Mikie Sherrill.

If so, it seems that Rich may have misled Congress. The CIA, the Senate. Many of the Rich Boys’ tactics may be hyperaggressive, but they’re perfectly legal. One way they do business: exploiting.

[Also: Wealth of Congress: richer Than Ever, but Mostly at the Very Top] Three GOP senators and 30 House members (22 of them Republicans) have decided to get out of public life rather than.

 · The right idea is to break up the giant banks. I don’t often agree with Alan Greenspan but he was right when he said last week that "[i]f they’re too big to fail, they’re too big."

too. Our community has been offended by this president when he’s called the places we came from “s—hole” countries and told.