Hidden Backlog of Foreclosures

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The summons would direct UBS to produce records identifying U.S. taxpayers who had accounts with the bank in Switzerland between 2002 and 2007, and who had their accounts hidden from the. The price.

Hidden Backlog of Foreclosures Foreclosure starts in massachusetts jumped sharply in April, the increase largely the result of a backlog created by new regulations taking effect, the Warren Group said Thursday. "Lenders filed 740 petitions to foreclose in April compared with 327 filings in April 2013," a rise of 126 percent, said the Warren Group, a Boston firm that tracks local real estate data.

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The area in pink represents potential foreclosure demand. Not all of that area will be foreclosed, but some of it sure will. The "Hidden Backlog" mentioned above (and highlighted in red) is within.

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The backlog of foreclosed homes that was created by lengthy judicial reviews and long foreclosure timelines are entering the market in states like New York, Florida, New Jersey, Arkansas and Hawaii. Illinois is a judicial foreclosure state , which means that foreclosures must be processed through the courts. court backlogs can lead to long delays.

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An upcoming june mortgage foreclosure sheriff’s sale also may be continued due to the backlog in PIN certifications. clearly in an attempt to draw attention to the bullet wound just hidden under.

The " Hidden Backlog " mentioned above (and highlighted in red) is within that pink area. One thing missing from the chart is pent-up demand from those who are not delinquent yet have a huge incentive to walk because of massive negative equity.

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Hidden Backlog of Foreclosures Of course the actual foreclosure rates are very hard to predict. Government moratoriums have effectively created a hidden backlog of foreclosures that one day have to be dealt with. There are also more warning sign of homeowners under duress emerging as fewer are catching up on lapsed mortgages.

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